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About Enunda

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Centre of Expertise in Energy Origin Tracking

Enunda helps energy certificate issuers to design and optimize their energy tracking system to ensure it is trusted, efficient and future proof for the ongoing energy transition.


Expertise in Enunda

  • Expertise in
    • Energy Origin Certification
    • Energy certificate system management
    • Energy Transition support
    • Energy sector regulation
    • International relations
  • Guidance for systemic evolutions – Framing of systemic context
  • Mission, vision, strategy development
  • Project design, project management, leadership

Katrien – Systemic developments for energy tracking

Enunda’s founder Katrien Verwimp, MSc, MBA, builds on technical, organisational, regulatory, policy and business knowledge from which she has been helping the Association of Issuing Bodies, the CertifHy project, the EnergyTag Initiative, the regulator in Belgium-Flanders and other individual certificate issuers around the globe to create more transparency in the origin of energy and realize the purpose of their certification system.

As a coach trained in facilitating systemic transformation, she is driven to support the clean energy transition at global scale, strengthening the role of renewable energy in a constantly evolving world.

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Vision on Energy tracking system design

Empowered actors

A transition in energy sourcing needs a transparent tracking instrument. Informing stakeholders about the origin of energy empowers them to impact energy sourcing through their active choices.

Purpose definition

When setting up an energy tracking system, it is paramount to have a clear vision on the purpose of the system. By clarifying the purpose of the tracking system stakeholders can be aligned with this goal. This prevents confusion.


An origin tracking system shall be transparent to all stakeholders about its principles, its functioning and its boundaries. This is essential for a trusted system.

Reliability and efficiency

A tracking system shall ensure robustness and reliability. On the other hand it should not have higher overheads than the value it adds. This requires maintaining the delicate balance between system management effort and cost.

Role definition

A well-functioning energy tracking system requires that all stakeholders have defined their role, responsibility, and interaction with the other roles in the ecosystem.


Facilitating trust requires that the operation of an energy source tracking system can be verified at all stages of the certification system.


Since many players in the energy sector operate at global level, tracing the origin of energy benefits if local tracking systems are comparable with others around the world. While certain elements may be customized at local level, the general principles governing reliability should ideally be understandable from the perspective of tracking systems from other parts of the world.

enunda intention to impact

What does Enunda stand for?

The company name Enunda originates from the Latin words ENergia (Energy) and UNDA (Wave) .
It stands for the Energy that initiates a Wave.

A wave can bring about a transformation of an existing state, whether on an individual, organizational, national, regional, or global level. A wave of transformation needs a dynamic of cocreation, driven by wisdom, connection, and empowerment.

Have you ever noticed that what sets off a wave is actually very still energy?
Being still and conscious about what you want to achieve is a big part of actually making it happen. Especially when many stakeholders are involved, in an atmosphere of openness and collaboration.