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Are you as an energy tracking system facilitator dealing with questions like these?

Where to gain knowledge on energy tracking systems?

How to set up an energy tracking system that is harmonized with the European standards?

How to extend an electricity tracking system to gas, hydrogen, heating and cooling?

What to consider when setting up an integral tracking system that aligns policy target accounting with consumer empowerment?

What does it take to facilitate matching of carbon-free electricity production with consumption?

Who can moderate a discussion on tracking system development with various stakeholders?

Our services

Certificate Scheme development guidance

  • Development of Certificate Standard or regulatory framework for electricity, gas, hydrogen, etc.

So that all stakeholders in your ecosystem benefit from harmonisation

  • Guidance for developing and upgrading:
    • Your public Certificate Scheme Description
    • Your (national) Certificate scheme
    • Your Disclosure system – informing consumers on the origin of their energy
    • Your Residual Mix methodology: what origin has the energy supplied without coverage by a reliable tracking system?
    • Etcetera

So that your tracking system is trusted

Gap analysis of certificate scheme with energy certificate standards

  • Internal gap analysis
    • Clarifying gaps between your energy tracking system and an existing energy certificate standard (like EN16325, EECS, EnergyTag, …)
    • Recommendations for upgrades

So that you identify areas for evolution

  • Audit of certificate schemes
    • Facilitation and execution of audits
    • Developing audit system
    • Facilitation of Supervision/Intervision groups for auditors

So that others can trust your certificate scheme


  • Energy certificate system set-up and context
  • On-demand training

So that you enhance your insights on energy origin tracking

Strategic advice – making things happen

  • Quality assessment
  • Developing your strategy
  • Roadmapping
  • Best practice implementation
  • Moderation and coaching
  • Leveraging your existing program

So you manifest as an actionable front-running organisation in energy tracking

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