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Katrien Verwimp
Katrien Verwimp
Katrien Verwimp

Resources and references

Enunda’s experience relies on work with, amongst others, following energy tracking system facilitators:
Assignments Entity When Geographic scope
Coordinator of the Sector Integration Program – Energy Certificates AIB – Association of Issuing Bodies 2020-now Europe
Auditors team coordinator – assuring quality of national certificate systems towards the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) AIB 2020-now Europe
Chairperson of the Independent Audit Committee, Energy Certificate Expert EnergyTag 2021-now Global
Gap analysis and optimisation of Turkish guarantee of origin system (YEK-G) EPIAS /EXIST (Turkish Market operator) 2021-2022 Turkey
Gap analysis of Taiwanese Renewable Energy Certificates (T-RECs) with the European Renewable Energy Directive TIER 2022 Taiwan
IT- Architectural outline for certificate registry extension from electricity to gas, hydrogen, heating and cooling an issuing body in Europe 2021 a country in EFTA region
Project leader: Facilitating Standards for Guarantees of Origin DG Ener – European Commission 2020 Europe
REGATRACE – Work package leader: Integration of guarantees of origin for multiple energy carriers : Horizon 2020 program AIB 2019-2022 Europe
CertifHy – Integration of Hydrogen in the European Energy Certificate System Clean Hydrogen Partnership (FCH2JU) 2020-2023 Europe
Regulatory Advisor and Professional reviewer AIB 2014-now Europe
Senior Program Manager “Transparency on the Origin of Consumed Electricity”
Senior Product Manager “Guarantees of Origin”,
Market Supervisor Guarantees of Origin and Renewable Energy Support System
VREG – Flemish Regulator for Electricity and Gas 2010-2019 Belgium-Flanders
Chairperson International working groups (30+ issuing bodies to jointly focus on energy certificate standard maintenance and evolution, and joint IT system operation) VREG 2013-2015, 2018-2019 Europe
Setting up architecture and specifications for 3 energy certificate registry re-builds VREG 2002-2019 Belgium-Flanders
Managing certificate system for public support of renewable electricity and high-efficient cogeneration VREG 2002-2010 Belgium-Flanders
Katrien Verwimp
Katrien Verwimp

Links to inspirational building blocks for reliable and efficient Origin Tracking

Enunda’s expertise is found in, amongst others:

  • Strategy coordination for the standard for European Energy Certificates (EECS), continuously being updated by consensus of the European Issuing Bodies for guarantees of origin (ongoing)
  • Comments on Princeton University Study on System Level Impacts of 24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity Procurement’ – webinar  15/9/2022
  • Lead the Sector Integration program for energy certificates in the Association of Issuing Bodies, AIB, a non-profit association with as mission ‘Guaranteeing the Origin of European Energy’. This program includes leading AIB’s ‘conversion roadmap’, facilitating that all 30+ EECS Issuing bodies can import certificates from all energy carriers, updating the data fields on EECS Certificates and preparing their transfer over the AIB Hub. (2021-2022)
  • Lead author of harmonized rules for handling certificates at energy conversion in the REGATRACE project (2019 – 2022)
  • Lead FaStGO Project that drafted a proposal for the CEN EN16325 standard for guarantees of origin.(2020)
  • Lead the workgroup that extended the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) to include a gas scheme and rules for handling energy carrier conversion (2019)
  • Drafted legislation to extend guarantees of origin for electricity to gases and heating and cooling and see it unanimously approved in Belgian-Flemish parliament in 3 months time. (2019)
  • Audited the national electricity and gas guarantee of origin systems at multiple European Issuing Bodies (2015-now)
  • Designed and upgraded origin verification webtools for energy consumers in Belgium – Flanders: GreenCheck and Supplier Origin Comparator , based on supervision of origin disclosure to electricity consumers in Flanders (2011-2019)
Award EBA 2022 - Katrien Verwimp
EBA Award Katrien Verwimp - Women Leading the Way to Climate Neutrality